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 Formally Cluxton Corporation


Formally Cluxton Corporation

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With the Supreme Court's decision on May 14th 2018, one that we have anticipated and prepared for, we see an ever increasing need for our services.

An entire industry has been created anticipating this kind of sweeping change.

It will be called the gamblization of sports worldwide. Fans will become much more focused on gambling than just following a team. It will make every second of every game of every week interesting to fans as it will give everyone something to root for.

For our existing clients this is fantastic news. Just yesterday the stock of those gaming companies went way up as the anticipation of additional clients and transfers. And remember the more clients they have the better we will do.

While at this time each State has to have its own rules and regulations it is just a matter of time before the Federal Government sets a standard to which each State must comply with.

But there is one common demonolater and that is the transfer of money. Right now we have over 225 sports books under contract and facilitate the movement of money for them. And that includes in game transfers.

The aforementioned in game betting is huge. We have the records of transactions in game from our own database and it shows that that about 70 percent of the transactions arrives after the games start.

Betting on minute aspects of the game, like the distance of a kick, or the distance of a home run could be wagered on, first corner, first Red Card, first goal can be wagered in game. We have been handling this kind of money movement for 10 years now. In England fans can access their Bookmaker or sports betting company from the stands at the game from a mobile app and instantly wager on some aspect of the game. We just handle the transfer of money of them. Both in and out. We handle the money transfer. We are not the sports book or gaming company.

Now we know a lot of what happens by the transactions that take place before a game and during the game.

Every bit of research we have done and ever seen is that when people have some kind of investment in the game they just watch more minutes for more games than they would otherwise.

We have been doing it for years and our propriety software is designed and proven to handle any amount of transfers instantly. So as I said a few years age “we are ready”.

You might remember in the 70s a young man by the name of Bloomberg came up with the idea of a full time television program just for business. 24 hours a day! Most people laughed at that outlandish idea. But where are they today 30 years later. Bloomberg is a tremendous success.

I think we are on the cusp of that data that can be captured instantly and transmitted exploding.

One day there will be a TV program (ours) possibility just looking from a betting point of view. You will still have the clean feed and watch the game in the traditional way or you could switch to a new entity that is strictly dedicated to the sports better. That is what we are developing and that audience is only going to grow. Our own TV program and possibility our own network! There is a need for it worldwide.

All kinds of betting are in play as the ability to record data proliferates.

So I think we are posed to show significant increases in our business as is and the future looks awesome.

Success to all.

May 15th 2018